About Us

We, the producer of wines have been able to produce a wide range of wines made from different varieties of fruits like strawberries, apples, cherries, pears, raspberries, peaches, cranberries and much more. The industry specialists, winemakers, and the farmers work together as a great team to make sure the wines we produce are of top quality. Surprise yourself with these delicious fruit wines, next time you are out for dinner. We welcome to the world of exotic fruit wines.

We are open throughout the year. Our vineyards would be open on dry days but we won't be serving any wines on that day. You can visit our vineyard to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the place and our staff will help you to give a tour of the place. All the activities in the vineyard would be explained to you in detail and you could witness the process of making wine.

You need to fill up the form given in the site to register yourself for a day tour. Our customer support will reach back to you within two days with the details of your scheduled visit. The tour could be arranged for a single family alone or also as a group. Also, our properties can be booked for any kind of private events or a group experience that would be customized.

Our products are available for a wine tasting experience in our vineyards. Visit us to experience the wide range of uniquely produced exemplary wines. You could get a firsthand experience of all the varieties available and our team would give you all the information about how each wine has been produced, from which fruits, how long it has been preserved and so on. All your queries will be answered if you get in touch with our customer team who are available throughout the day.